Lemmings 1.1.4

Save the mindless little creatures!

Lemmings is an implementation of the classic Lemmings game created by DMA Design. Reproduced with great care for the original, this version serves as a great introduction to the game, or as a reminder of how modern graphics and processors don't necessarily mean better games!

Lemmings has the following features:

  • Original look and feel
  • Grayscale and color support
  • Preference adjustment (key and sound)
  • Stylus control
  • GamePadTM controller support
  • Background music and sound effects [enhanced for Sony/ARM devices]
  • Fluid animations and player control
  • Ability to load in custom level packs
  • Full support for VFS, storage for packs, insertion, removal of cards

An addictive and fun edition of the classic game for your Pocket PC.

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Lemmings 1.1.4

User reviews about Lemmings

  • by Anonymous

    I've been running this game for years on numerous Pocket PC/Windows Mobile devices. The only irrepara...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Didn´t use was warned against installing because of risk of irreversibel danger to my smartphone Alan.   More